• Are batteries included ? No. Including batterys would delay the shipment
  • Are returns allowed ? Yes, if the product is not opened or used. This is due to COVID.
  • Is the product approved by Health Canada ? Yes, it is. Check MDL # 10450.
  • Are plastic disposable included with the product? This product does not require any disposable. To clean, use 70% alcohol.
  • My temperature read 36.7 degrees and the LED color was green! I thought 37 degrees was the typical body temperature! This is a contactless unit. Please allow for half a degree difference between your mercury thermometer and any infrared thermometer.
  • I work at a real estate company and I prefer not to take the measurement from the forehead. Can I measure it off our client's hand? You can, but the temperature would be lower than the actual temperature, especially if there is hair on the measured area. We do not recommend that mode of measurement.